What We Do

Prism-Clarity provides high-quality professional writing, editing and training services for financial sector and other professional clients; including banks, higher and adult education establishments, wealth managers, regulators, industry associations, consultancy firms and content marketing agencies.

Who Does It

Prism-Clarity is run by Howard Walwyn, who spent 30 years at top financial institutions in the City of London, including the Bank of England and J.P Morgan, before going freelance in 2016. He specialises in writing and helping people to write clear business English. He is an intermediate member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and a member of the Institute of Operational Risk.

What It’s All About

Anyone can write clear business English, whatever its length and format, if they keep in mind some important principles: clarity, brevity, accuracy, courtesy and consistency; and if they focus on the story. What’s the story? Find the story, support it with clear intelligent structure, and transform your business writing.

Find Out More

Howard’s website contains blogs on finance, language and content strategy topics. He is writing a book Clear Business English for Financial Services Professionals. He is available for customised training assignments, based on his university teaching programme and the principles in his forthcoming book.