Speaking Confidence – Jim. J. Doyle

If you are struggling to express yourself, terrified of public speaking – then help is at hand. Your business pitching, your health or your sleep pattern can all be helped.
I have helped transform clients who really struggled to be seen and heard, right through to CEO’s and world championship speakers – successfully.
No messing, no fluff, I identify the sources of the fears and clear them – often as we have a laugh during your deep insights.
Video Testimonial from an expert witness: https://youtu.be/ApuIrCgmdOA

My name is Jim J Doyle, previously a technologist who used to be terrified of being recorded and public speaking. Finally my problems were resolved when I trained in-depth as an energy healer, dispatched my fears – now I help others to achieve their freedom of communication and renewed drive. I work holistically, identifying all sources of limited performance in mind and body – and clearing them  – leading to freedom of expression, clarity and a lightness of mind and body.

Now a Distinguished Toastmaster DTM ( which means I have given hundreds of speeches evaluated by people with far more insight and experience than me ) I can help you craft and deliver your business pitch confidently and effectively.

Get your Freedom now – Book a free Discovery Session: https://goo.gl/neQ14U

I am based in Histon, Cambridge and work worldwide on Skype