Walnut Medical makes Medical Market Information easy.

Our online database helps you gain high quality medical market information in Europe and America. We provide detailed data on 25,000 hospitals in 25 countries as well as precise surgery statistics and inpatient information in major European countries.

With our help potential markets can be easily identified, quantified and achieved.

Walnut Medical was formed with the recognition of the constant need for high quality medical market information. We don’t claim to be Google, but our European and American hospital register is a more specific search engine that allows you to have access to detailed, accurate and up-to-date medical information on over 19,000 European hospitals in 25 countries plus a further 6,000 hospitals in the USA.

Walnut Medical came together as a team of highly qualified professionals because we believe that we can change the way that market information can be gathered, segmented and presented in the medical industry.

We offer a range of subscription based medical market research services and consulting solutions. The information is delivered in multiple formats (graphs, charts and video) and is supported by our high standard of service.

Subscription based services:

Hospital Register: Detailed data on over 19,000 hospitals in 25 European countries and a further 6,000 hospitals in the USA including Specialites and Equipment

Surgery Statistics: High quality information on surgeries in four major European countries ‐ France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Inpatient Information: Complete inpatient data in four major European countries ‐ France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Consulting and Research Solutions:

Product Innovation: Finding new industry trends and business development opportunities.

Market Research: Expanding your market by collecting, analysing and presenting medical information in a simple and straightforward way.

Consulting: Strategic development and advice as well as bespoke projects and reports.

Country Reports: Comprehensive analytical reports on medical market industry in European countries and the USA.

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